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Breaking news alert: Australian makeup artist Tatiana Rose continues to get snatched. When you scroll through her Instagram feed, it comes as no surprise that the Sydney native is far from a rookie—she's been practicing makeup for around seven years to date.

Inspired by a multitude of eras and artists that came before her, Rose curates a signature timeless aesthetic throughout her work. "As I started creating, I found that I’ve really come to love and always have loved the bygone eras and vintage feel to anything. I really want to capture that in makeup and photos," Rose said. 

  • Interview by Lydia Arauz
  • Photos courtsey of Tatiana Rose


Drawing on disco, pinups and icons of the silver screen, Tatiana Rose’s IG is an homage to the analogue glamour of the 60s and 70s. The Australian makeup artist’s best-loved looks feature matte eyeshadow, glossy lips and babydoll lashes, embodying an unabashed femininity that brings to mind underground classic The Love Witch or pulpy melodrama Valley of the Dolls with a dash of Lana del Rey, naturally. Elsewhere, there are the kind of glitter-drenched eyelids and bouncy curls that make us think of Studio 54 at its peak.

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Who: Tatiana Rose, MUA hailing from Sydney, Australia

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Another Aussie MUA, Tatiana is at the top of her game when it comes to aesthetic. Her gorgeous shots exude a dreamy and magical air that is more than worthy of the "art" in her Instagram handle.

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